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Translation of Nové Bydlení Article

Notes by Sharon Hindle

Our home is not merely an address or a place where we live. Our home is our sanctuary, our spa, our bistro, our library, our movie house and our office. It’s the place where we shut the world out to dream our dreams and solve the world’s problems. It’s probably the only place where we can live authentically.

In the show unit of Residence Drahobejlova I strove to maximise the light and make the most of the limited space. Using clean lines and reflective surfaces, I played with the light, teasing the eye, to create a sense of spacious, multi-functional magic which would appeal to a broad range of people.

The brief from the client was to source as much as possible from local retailers where potential buyers would shop. I opted to work with some existing Ikea furniture from the client’s warehouse and supplemented with great buys from Kika. The Italian styled sofa at a budget price becomes a double bed when guests come to stay. The kitchen from Hanak includes a counter for socialising whilst cooking. And the simple work-station becomes a buffet counter when one is entertaining friends.
The jewel-coloured Moroccan throw and cushions introduce richness and a touch of the exotic, the Hundertwasser print – a touch of madness, and the bubble chair- a touch of fantasy.

In the end, design does not have to be about how much money one can throw at a home. It’s about being clever with what you have, and creating magic – however modest the space or limited the budget.

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